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004 kons

This is our new product line of cylindrical tin-cans for canning indusrty. The packaging can be produced in three different sizes  Ø 73 mm, Ø 99 mm, Ø 153 mm and a volume from 100 ml to 5.5 liters. The different kinds of closing make them suitable for using and conserving a large list of products of the dairy industry and liquid products like cooking oil, olive oil and etc.


The рackaging meet all technical and sanitary requirements and are certified by an independent laboratory.


 Cylindrical tin-cans Ø 73 mm, Ø 99 mm
Diameter  Ø 73 mm.  Ø 99 mm.
Height  (25 ÷ 300) mm.  (25 ÷ 300) mm.
Volume  100ml ÷ 1.250 L  190 ml ÷ 2.300 L

  Kinds of closing:


              Machine closing                  "Easy open" system                    "Easy peel" system


                ◊ Plastic cover                                              ◊  Threaded plastic caps



   Practical and convenient to use is a combination of an "Easy peel" system with a plastic cover or an "Easy open" system with a plastic cover.

capstwo types

   The tin-cans for liquid products can be equipped with threaded plastic caps. They can be set easily after the filling. The caps are two types and can be for diameter of Ø 19 mm, Ø 24 mm, Ø 32 mm, Ø 42 mm и Ø 57 mm.


 Cylindrical tin-cans Ø 153 mm
Diameter  Ø 153 mm.
Height  (25 ÷ 300) mm.
Volume  450ml ÷ 5.500 L

   Kinds of closing:

thirdline Copy

             Machine closing                   Metal cover Ø 130 mm                   Plastic cover

fourthline Copy

          Threaded plastic cap            Threated cap with handle            Plastic cover with pomp

Appropriate decision for liquid and creamy products is a combining of a cylindrical can Ø 153 mm with a plastic cover and a pump. Their assembling is quickly and  they allow easily use.