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We can offer different kinds of tin-cans and metal packing, which are suitable for conserving of honey, dairy products, olives, olive oil, cooking oil and etc.

The production quality and the ribbed sides of the tin-cans guarantee solidity. The sustainable varnish, which covers the tinplate material, protects from interaction with the conserved product inside. The tin-cans are provided with a lid, which closes tightly and securely as a special collar of the opening, facing outwards, protects from ingress of dusts. For convenience of portability the tin-cans can be equipped with a plastic handle.

The packing with a volume from 0.5 to 2.4 liter can be produced with „Easy-open” system.
The packing and tin-cans for liquid products like cooking oil, olive oil and etc. can be equipped with a plastic threaded cap.


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All of the food tin-cans can be color lithographed.

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 Food tin-can
Side sizes   232 / 232 mm.  110 / 110 mm.  95 / 116 mm.
Height   (100 ÷ 380)mm.  (50 ÷ 200) mm.  (50 ÷ 200) mm. 
Volume   (5 ÷ 20) L   (0.5 ÷ 2.4) L  (0.5 ÷ 2.2) L
Diameter of the opening   ø 130 mm or ø 200 mm   "Easy-open" system*

Remark: The „Easy-open” system provides quick and easy opening. It allows removal of the entire upper side of the metal box. The products, indicated in the table, can be produced with "Easy-open" system or not.

 ◊ New!

The 95/ 116mm metal box can be equipped with a plastic cap.